"No more wubba lubba dub dub for us, my friend.”

I think is so cool to have in mind Alex and Justin are buddies. And more after see that Gravity Falls cameo in Rick and Morty.

This draw is for shandrydan, for make me… feel… realize? Easy joke. Now, seriously, your pics Stan/Rick are so asdfghasfdg to describe it.

- “Und this is… other church, building by a great german like me…”

- “Shup  the fuck up, doc”

And, the same time, the others mercenaries was dying in cold. German cold. 

Seriously. What a weather.

Thanks to our Doktor pukingrainbowsnow, and our truckie and spoi thetasigma0 and extreme-procrastination. A great moments. A great company. And, in a future, better and more.

One night in Germany i though if Moon was a person, who is she like? Well, here’s my answer.

He loves them. Nothing more to say.

A particular Intergenerational Sandwich.

The magic words in each episode you watch.

THAT. Words.

(It’s funny because I did this draw before see the last one.)

A nightmare… Is something wrong, Rick?

(Whatever, look that Morty’s face. So cute, so sweet, no matters all thing. Just… j-just look his face.)

Rick&Morty sketchs. And Mabel. Why not.

After my best travel (second out of Spain) to Germany, i’m going to upload many things~

Discovering and searching random faces… to be prepared to make commission!

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When you see this video [X] you only can thinking about: how many long they meet and what happen when they meet again in Painhammer’s castle and Nigel comes.

You must play it. Seriously. Free. All people loves free things!!!

This is for you, deadly archer.

These two guys are so special: an Archer and a Knight from a free awesome videogame: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. There are many quest so much mighty. And, of course, a lot of epic loot.

extreme-procrastination and I are so crazy about this. You must prove it. One foot in the castle, and you will never come back.

Free2Play in Steam, you guys!!!! ———> [X]