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Notegraphy (Spanish)
dukeandphoenix said: Hey! Your art is amazing c: i'm new here can you some of my drawings? :)

Thank you!! Your pics are amazing, too! I hope you enjoy my little Pinecest, and I sure I enjoy yours drawings!! Great job, friend!

”- Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
- Not the same thing we do every night, Pinky, try to take over this wedding!”

I’m going to a wedding, and these two going with me. I hope they don’t ruin anything. (Narf)

I’m so glad you meet my Pinky and the Brain human!
If after Mabel defeated Bill, and his body was… useless… What would happend? 
For good, that’s only a nightmare.
Bipper and Mabes. Because yes. And extreme-procrastination.

- I’m… a fool.

I think Dipper feels like that when saw what Bill did. But… life is hard, Dip.
And, for the second time…

- You are worth your weight in gold, Stan…

I LOVE, seriously, LOVE, Bill/Stan, and, for sure, I have THIS excuse to draw it AGAIN!! (yes, I have a second part of this)

- Stop it!
- No, YOU stop it, replicant!

AU Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty. You will can understand better when I upload that fic. (in spanish, I thought…)
At last~

My life is complete now. At last, i’m graduated and i’m so happy and resting. At last. And at last i have time to draaaaaw~~

So, i’m so sorry for my absence, but I’M HERE AGAIN!!