My little boys.

Summertime in South Park. Today, Kyle Broflovski!

Another Stan Pines and Rick Sanchez Adventure!! This time, Rick has been kipnapped and Stan rescues him! Look out, guys!!!

I hop you enjoy this as much as me drawing it.

You said “Draw me with Buffy”, and here we go!

I hope you like it, my dear sis <3 And thanks for collaborate!!!

My second art about Bastion! This time, Zia! This girl is pretty sweet, and I love her!!!

Other Bastion pj:

Zulf [X]

There right there, mate! I and my country are only one!

Well… I have to add something else… 

Hehe… platypus…

(I hope you like it so much! xD)


If 18 or 20 palettes wasn’t enough, I present to you: my 100 Palette Challenge! This is a collection of some of my favourite palettes from color-palettes and Adobe Kuler and I thought it would be really fun to have a huge variety of palettes to chose from

If you would like to participate in this challenge, I ask that you DO NOT repost this anywhere else, including deviantART; please REBLOG this instead! I have the challenge uploaded to deviantART as well, so please check it out there if you want to do it on deviantART!

My own color meme request: Guybrush and Lechuck in #12 and 17#

I’m in love with this characters since always. And to me, Monkey Island is the best game in the whole world.

A little squirt. Isn’t it sweet?!?!

I played Bastion and… oh-my-god. That’s not a game. It’s A GAME. Seriously. And ALL the pjs, ALL are worth the effort. 

That’s Zulf, the Ura. With his pipe. I will do each character with their objects. I hope you like it <3!

Other Bastion pj:

Zia [X]