When you see this video [X] you only can thinking about: how many long they meet and what happen when they meet again in Painhammer’s castle and Nigel comes.

You must play it. Seriously. Free. All people loves free things!!!

This is for you, deadly archer.

These two guys are so special: an Archer and a Knight from a free awesome videogame: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. There are many quest so much mighty. And, of course, a lot of epic loot.

extreme-procrastination and I are so crazy about this. You must prove it. One foot in the castle, and you will never come back.

Free2Play in Steam, you guys!!!! ———> [X]

Second sketch to LGBT proyect.

Amethyst and Pearl from Steven Universe.

My art colective and I have a LGBT proyect, and I will contribute with fandom inspiration. I have some sketches yet.

First, Marceline and Bubblegum.


It’s Fri-sketching-day!!!!!
1. Drinking night with Rick and Stan. I love the idea this two can meet each other someday…
2. GF idea that envolves death and destruction. And love.
3. Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty Crossover!!! Y love the image, and i hope that finish draw looks great!
4. Hunan! Sylvia. So hot. So wonderful. So Syl.
5. Shy Stan? I don’t know really i make this… xD

I hope you enjoy it!!! And now… let’s practice medicine… my lovely TF2…

I’m so stupid xD I upload the sketch with my other count xDDD Well, whatever!

I upload this last week… i think… but in a quest, so… 

Tonight I have a painful dream, with Scout and Sniper inside it. People aroud Spy being tortured…and well…

Human! Wander and Lord Hater… Gosh, how can I love this pairing with so many feels…???

thetasigma0 asked:
For series meme: Gravity Falls : D

Thanks for that, mate ^^

❤ Favorite Male: Stanford Pines. This man has all I think a good character must to be.
❤ Favorite Female: Mabel Pines. She is so complete. You can think she’s not so smart, but you discover in every episode that is not true…
❤ Favorite Pairing: (I’m going to Hell for this) Pincest. It’s wonderful. That smiles, that protection and… that weird hug. THAT weird hug. In the F*****G first episode. Why, Hirsch??
❤ Least Favorite Character: That’s so difficult… so, so difficult. All character have something… I choice Pacifica Northwest because i have a personal hate with her.
❤ who’s most like me: You must consult extreme-procrastination for this question xD
❤ most attractive: Soos. No, he’s the second. Bill. He’s powerful, brilliant (literally), and… do I say yet he’s made with gold? And is he a demon?
❤ three more characters that I like: Soos, Robbie and McGucket. For obvious reasons.

Anonymous asked:
Hey, you should do more Stan x Mabel ;)

With pleasure ^w^